House Rules

– Respect for the silence and the quiet on our quinta

– To be economical with water, gas and electricity

– Not to smoke indoors.

– Pets can be brought indoors but only insofar they do not cause nuisance for the other visitors or residents.

– To have your room cleaned up at the end of your stay. Please keep also the kitchen, bathroom, living room and other places neath. Please mention if there has been some eventual damage . 

– To enter the private parts of the quinta only after knocking or with consent.

– To remain on the paths of the garden while visiting it and to respect the plantations. Entering the pastures of the cattle grazing can’t be allowed without the accompaniment of the residents.

– Not to feed the animals without the accompaniment of the residents.

– To drop the waste in the container on the street or in the village. Together we like to keep the quinta clean.

– To park your car at the parking except in case of loading and unloading;

– To let the children play at the playground or in the playwood. Throwing stones can’t be allowed.  Parents always remain responsible for their children.

- We aren’t interested in taking down someone’s own insights. We ask you not to propagate your own opinions or to steer discussions in order to convince others. Our quinta is a place of peace. We want everyone visiting or staying feel safe. We hope you understand this.

Concluding …

– We are not responsible for eventual accidents

– We will ask some compensation for any caused damage.

– If someone doesn’t follow these rules we may sanction by forbidding any access to certain parts of the quinta or by putting an end to the stay on the quinta.

– Visitors do agree with the terms of these House Rules by their stay on the Quinta.