Our daily Schedule

We try to stick close to our mission during our daily living. We use a flexible daily schedule who gives support and stability, but who gives also space to creativity and changing circumstances. The use of a fixed schedule gives also the opportunity to connect to people on different locations.

Our basic schedule is related with the seasons and length of the day and is for sure only for the residents and just as information for guests.

Basic schedule (regular days) :


awakening enthusiastically three quarter before sunrise

morning prayers/shacharis (men)/care of the animals (necessary care as milking)/lighting the stove

sunrise (summer one hour later) : communal breakfast + reading of NaCh (2 chapters) + singing

conference about the coming day with time to listen to each individual

forenoon : homeschooling/administration/hitbodedut (men 1 hour)/shopping/study/housekeeping (women)


lunch : middle of the day (middle between sunrise and sunset) (duration half hour)

noon prayer/minchah (men)

afternoon : physical  labor (gardenwork/reparations and all kind of jobs)


dinner: 18.00h

after dinner : short study

homeschooling/needlework/study/cozy time together/gardening/reading/prayer(maariv)